Dear parents and all concerned

GGS ka aik Munfarid Aizaz

Excellency award for 2013. Awarded by Governor Punjab.

Excellency award for 2013. Awarded by Governor Punjab Makhdoom Sayyed Ahmed Mehmood. 25 February Al-Hamra Art council Hall 1 Lahore.

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01 Jan 2015
Assalam u Alaicum
Dear parents and all concerned
School shall remain closed on 3rd January 2015, Saturday. The paper is cancelled and new date shall be announced later....

After the meeting of All PAKISTAN PRIVATE SCHOOLS ALLIANCE which is helding on 3rd January. Final decision about schools opening will made in this meeting.
Thanks and regards.

Further information contact: (8:00 am to 5pm)
Dr. Imran Tabish
Annual result shall be announced on 18th march
New admissions starting from 15 march to 31 March.
New admissions starting from 15 march to 31 March.
Admission fee is waved of till 25th March.
Admission fee is waved of till 25th March.
New classes starting from 24th March
School timings... w.e.f

24th March 2015

Morning 8:25 am

Off time 2:00 pm

Nursery and prep off time 12:00 pm

Friday off time 12:00 pm

20 Mar 2013
We congratulate Miss Sadia Akram Student of this school whom awarded laptop on merit by Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif.
School Timings and Classes start
"Schools" timings are as under:

Assembly 07:40am
Chutti Nursery & Prep 12:30pm,
Recess 11:00 am to 11:30 pm,
  Off Time 1:30 pm,
Friday Chutti 12:00 pm
Parents Meeting Time 07:50am to 09:30 am
Excellency award for 2013. Awarded by Governor Punjab
28 Feb 2013
Excellency award for 2013. Awarded by Governor Punjab Makhdoom Sayyed Ahmed Mehmood. 25 February Al-Hamra Art council Hall 1 Lahore.

Admissions Open
Dear Parents!
Limited seats are available in Jinnah Campus and Admissions Closed in Fatima Campus. Thank you for co-operating and trust.
Scholarship Achivement
In year 2010-11 an amount of Rs. 75,600/- has distributed among the 8 students of schools. On eve on Annual Prize Distribution's ceremony.
Dear Parents!
We feel proud to announce that
Gulfishan High Schools Secured position in inter schools Compition
Under the banner of APPSA
Writing Primary "First Position" Bilal Gulzar
Writing High Boys "Fisrt Position" Abdul Mutlib
Writing High Girls "Second Position" Amna Amjad
Naat Khawani High "Second Position" Ahmed Raza

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Welcome to Gulfishan Group of Schools!

We welcome you to the Gulfishan Group of School’s website. We are pleased to see you there being considering Gulfishan Schools for the education purpose of your child and career building. I am hopeful that while your exploration times you will find enough material to convince yourself that this is, this school the best school among your all choices to taking off your child’s educational career.

Dear Parents/Guardians

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most difficult and important decisions you can make for your Children's future and choosing of a good school to secure your child’s future is your ethic, social and moral responsibility. As you are accountable for your decisions.

Gulfishan High School has glorious stand for result orientation from the day it came into being. Gulfishan High Schools is established in 1979 by Hafiz Abdul Sattar. It is one of the oldest school of Gulistan colony, Faisalabad (Punjab) Pakistan. Infact it would be deny if we say that is first school in the locality established by the private sector.

Gulfishan Schools have professional experience of several decades with excellent results and achievements history due to that Gulfishan High Schools might be your first choice for glorious career building of your child.

At GGS we consider teaching to be a noble vocation, a calling from the heart, soul and mind, moving far beyond a mere profession or career. The two key words which underpin every aspect of the teaching-learning experience in GGS are commitment and accountability.

We are committed to providing the young learners entrusted to our care with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to excel not only in this school but in their pursuit of higher education in institutions of national or international repute. We are also committed to equipping them with the values and attributes of character that will enable them to navigate with success the un-chartered currents of a future which are only dimly comprehensible now.

Gulfishan High Schools are very committed towards brighter and shining future of your child. Its programme focuses on developing learning and under standing skills in the students. We are dedicated to providing pure education in tradition style as well as compatible with universal and innovative means. Thousand of students had stared their successful careers in multiple fields of life. Our teachers provide the children with an opportunity to achieve their true potential through a combination of high expectations and an encouraging atmosphere.The statement logos of our institutes are our spectacular results and marvelous writing skills.


It is strongly recommended you that "Think right, See right, Find right, Do right”.

Dr. Muhammad Imran Tabish


Gulfishan Group of Schools

Contact Information

    • Dr. Muhammad Imran Tabish
    • Chairman
    • Gulfishan Schools
    • Fatima Campus (for Girls)
    • 14-15/G, Guluistan Colony, Faisalabad.
    • Ph: +92418785593-8862444
    • Jinnah Campus (for Boys)
    • 68-K, Guluistan Colony, Faisalabad.
    • 8006593-041 8849393